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Suncatchers made with glue


I recently did some tissue paper art with my Sweet Pea. We did this kind:

Sweet Pea wanted to make more.

After making this Sweet Pea wanted to try other ways to make suncatchers. I did I little looking into my pinterest board and found one that I had pinned a while back. Make a suncatcher with glue and food dye. Luckily I had all the stuff on hand. 

This is what you need:

School glue (We used the basic white glue but it might be fun with glitter glue. Maybe next time.)

Food dye

A lid


Beads and whatever you want to try (We experimented with beads, tissue paper, and pompoms. The beads worked and could be used as holes to hang the suncatchers. The pompoms soaked up the colored glue. While it looked pretty neat it made it so the glue became too think to be removed from the lid. We just drilled a hole, lid and all, and it worked nicely. )

First fill the lid with glue. Make sure to cover the whole lid with enough glue. (I did one too thin and it curled.

Put a couple drops of food dye in the glue.

Use the toothpick to swirl and decorate. It does take some restraint to not swirl until it becomes brown. 

We added the extra things for fun and in the hopes that the beads could be used for hanging. 

It took several days for the glue to completely dry. 

It continued to spread as the days went on.

I peeled them out once they were all dry and trimmed the edges. We used hooks and tape to stick them to the window. 

It was pretty fun and turned out alright. We might try it again sometime. 
I found the inspiration here:



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