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Mishaps in sandpaper transfers


Alright so I saw this thing on Pinterest about using sandpaper as a fabric transfer with regular crayons.
Step 1: gather supplies


Spare t-shirt
Cute helpers

Step two: have cute helpers color on the sandpaper


Step three: iron to t-shirt


It seemed super easy and I had all the stuff.

I got help from two adorable little ones. They had fun decorating the sand paper.

After they were pleased with their pictures I took the sandpaper and the plain shirts. With the iron all ready I was feeling pretty good about this experiment.

So with a enthralled audience I tried out Sweet Peas picture first.

The sand paper proved to be sticky on the back when I put the iron on it. That was remedied with a tea towel from my dish towel drawer.

I ironed it for a short time and lifted the sand paper to show off our handy work.

I had forgotten to write the name backwards  so it would transfer the right direction. Whoops!


Oh well! The transfer did work for the most part and while Sweet Pea may not have a fancy shirt she now has a great craft shirt. (She even wore it to help carve pumpkins in later. )

So next time no words (or at least remember to write backwards) and maybe a white shirt so the colors show up even better.  So not a complete fail. We might even try it again. 🙂

Alright so I found the original pin here:


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