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So I have to start somewhere… rug from old sheets

So here it goes. I saw this thing on pinterest. Make a rug from old sheets. Great, I have an old sheet with a rip in it and making a rug for my daughter’s room would be fun.

Step one get an old sheet and enlist some help. We used the previously mentioned sheet. It was a flat twin sheet.


Step two: Rip said sheet into long strips with awesome help from Sweet Pea.


Now you should have a huge messy pile of sheet strips.


Step 3: To make them more manageable we tied the strips together end to end and rolled it into a ball.


If I ever make another one I would consider sewing the ends together with a sewing machine instead. The knots were a little hard to crochet and you have the tails stick out the back of the rug unless you can tuck them.  It would take more time to sew them, but it would make for a smoother crocheting experience.


Step 4: Get the biggest crochet hook you have. I used a N.  Then start crocheting into the shape of rug you want. We wanted a circle.


Keep crocheting. Disclaimer: Your arm will probably get tired and your hand will get sore. It is much stiffer then crocheting with yarn. I just kept crocheting because I really wanted to get it done but maybe it would be better to take more breaks and let your hand rest.

The result:


I used the whole sheet so if you want a bigger rug use a bigger sheet or more then one. Sweet Pea was so excited that she went and put it in her room right away. One project down… so many more I want to try.

Just to reference: I saw this on pinterest. The pinned link: http://www.creativejewishmom.com/2010/06/you-can-crochet-with-sheets.html


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